Monday, September 19, 2011

North Shore Oahu - Shall We Try Again?

This is what we call an "upcountry" drive on Oahu.

Even when the clouds are low

it's all about

full spectrum color.

(Just in case it's raining where you are and the summer vacation is a distant memory.)  Have you started planning next summer's yet?

Yes, this is what I tried to post last week.  I got my pictures back - woohoo!


  1. Oh! Your tip-toing is magnificent!

  2. Just been reading all your recent blog posts. Grey and orange is a favourite of mine too! A grey room with lots of Hermes boxes. I also love grey and gold.
    I also couldn't agree with you more about the 'brown' furniture. It looks quite depressing en masse but once you take it out it looks great and as you say, is really reasonable for the craftmanship. I will send you pictures of my new office when it's done (grey and gold with lots of brown furniture!!) x