Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Lights are On, But Nobody's Home!

Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thanks for all your nice comments on the North Shore post everybody!  Didn't it look so nice until........?

Blogger is not playing nicely with my ancient I-photo software or something.  (This seems to be an annual September thing.)  It's making my pictures disappear.  I wanted to try to reload but without luck!  

I'm thinking of migrating to Tumblr - have you tried it, do you like it?  Is it easier?  How does it do with '08 I-Photo software?

Hope to be back soon!  xo - The Manageress


  1. Love this shot! I really, really want to visit South America one day. :-) Sorry about your technical issues. :-( I use Tumblr as well as my blog and like both. :-)

  2. the same for me !
    i love you picture too.
    About blogging :
    i use and like both. But it is a very different organization. Tumblr is quicker but not better, just... different !

  3. Sorry to hear about your electronic troubles... I hope you can solve it soon!

  4. Je ne connais pas l'Argentine, et cette photo me plait beaucoup et me donne envie de visiter ce pays et aucune aide car je n'utilise pas Trumbl

  5. Have you paid for your extra photo space? Once you are over a certain amount they charge itws not much and it is once a year. Look at blogger and see how much photo space you have left, that may be the problem.