Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hiromi Paper at Bergamot Station, Part Two

I've posted about it here before.

As you can see, it's not JUST paper.

And the paper that it sells does not come

from the usual place.  Tsharsho?  Edgeworthia?

Who cares if it's called strange things or made of stuff like.....walnut trees?


Or bamboo?

Mr. Paradis WOULD care.   If Hiromi Papers moved into my neighborhood.  Cuz I could get into a whole lot of TROUBLE there!

Hope you've enjoyed this latest little series of L.A. posts.  Hope you all got a little sunshine this past weekend!


  1. Coucou chère Miss, Merveilleuses couleurs!!!quelle heure est il chez toi? chez moi de l'autre coté de l'atlantique 6h54! comme little Némo je suis tombée de mon lit ce matin...j'ai du mangé trop d'oignons grillés hier soir! Belle journée à toi, xoxo!

  2. That store looks too hard to resist, it would be impossible to keep away!

    Lucky you for having a store like that in the hood. Have fun with your purchases and show us what you create with your special papers, okay? :^)

    Happy new week!

  3. Tout un monde à découvrir...

  4. Petits papiers et belles couleurs pour ensoleiller le quotidien... toujours tout gris à Paris... Très belle semaine

  5. THANK YOU for ALL of these LA goodies... i've really enjoyed the bright sunshine alot. the paper installation holds me enthralled. hello from belgium. still hibernating. much needed... x