Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yes, This IS What I Had In Mind

How's your spring coming along?  Do you nudge it a little too?  Are you forcing bulbs?

(the pics are from a little bit everywhere none of them are mine)


  1. Oui, j'adore les couleurs , c'est le médicament le plus efficace contre la morosité.
    Tous ces petits oignons sont si prometteurs, le printemps est tout prè est tôt ce matin (6:36) dans le ciel il y a plein d'étoiles, la journée sera belle!Kiss

  2. Love the bulbs in cans!

    Nudge it? Hummm, not sure. Though I am enjoying watching the new buds bloom on the assortment of spring plants out there. Feels new every year. Love it, and love all your nice photos!

  3. SO gorgeous!! These shots make me happy - particularly since we've had such a short summer and it feels like Autumn is already here with storms all week long. :-) I'm not planting bulbs, but I DO hope to plant some winter veggies. :-)

  4. I still have those succulants for you! I hope all is well and you're in the garden right now! Kevin

  5. smells good! warm greetings from really cold Paris!