Sunday, February 24, 2013

Life is What Happens To You .......Part Two: Growing With Plants

No, this is not really another post about unbelievably cute doggies.

I'm going to start this week with another  "Life is What Happens to You" post.

In what might become a series, that takes you to other blogs.  (Or I might just have worn out a cute idea and leave it at Parts One and Two!)

I think I  found "Growing With Plants" at Paradis Express.....(merci Delphine!)

I still can't decide how happy I am about this discovery.  I should be delirious.  (Well, I am a little.)

Because it feels like a homecoming.  It reminds me of my old gardening life in the Northeast United States that I talked about last week: Winter dreaming over seed catalogues, forcing bulbs under my kitchen sink, building hypertufa containers.......obsessing over clematis and mulch... Lovely afternoons of discovery at Wave Hill.  Of my adventures at horticultural fairs and nurseries in England.  Where very ordinary people do extraordinary things.  (There is even a Hawaii connection with Matt Mattus of Growing With Plants.  He has also spent time there.)  

Unlike Matt Mattus, I am not a Creative Director with a toy company, raising unbelievably cute puppies in the Northeast in my old family home.  I am not endlessly clever about species and propagation.  Nor endlessly energetic it seems.  I do not have a greenhouse yielding marvels.  Nor, thank goodness, do I any longer have to worry about such greenhouse and plants therein when THE BIG SNOWS come.

But if I spend anymore time on his site....I might just have to become once again.....something very much closer to all that.  Because his blog has reawakened, after a long eight years or so of dormancy, a mania.....a sickness......a compulsion for all things green.  In the way of alpines and african violets, fuzzy leaves and, subtle colorations and jewel like flowers.   That miraculous voyage of discovery and renewal that is the world of plants.

Why shouldn't I be delirious?  Well because......if this thing takes hold, I may not have time for blogging!

(All photos Matt Mattus from Growing with Plants.)


  1. Elle est belle la vie... Merci pour cette belle découverte ;))

  2. Oh....ces petits toutous....craquants, je veux les mêmes! belle semaine à toi

  3. I'm so glad you found a place that resonates with you so much. :-) Those pups are GORGEOUS!! And after a long winter, plants are absolute treasures. :-)

  4. Encore de belles découvertes vertes...! j'ai pensé à toi hier, car j'ai regardé à la TV un très beau reportage sur les jardins aux USA... Magnifique... et cela donne envie...surtout qu'a Paris il neige... xoxo

  5. Really nice pictures, and the puppies are too cute!

  6. What a great find! these puppies are so lovely,
    Thank you!!!