Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spring is Coming, Spring is Coming.......

(via the NYTimes; photo: Stefania Yarhi - Textstyles)

So say the Fashionistas.  Will you be ready?

Suzy Menkes remarked that attendees of Fashion Week no longer look like black crows.  I think it's a wonderful thing. Now, wearing my swimming costume to the runway shows.....maybe not so much!

How was your Valentine's Day?  Romantic, I hope!  Happy Weekend!


  1. I'm glad we are in a colorful age, too. The Suzy Menkes article was highly appreciated. It really worth reading about the peacocks versus the crows - the gaggles of showoffs and professionals of today.

  2. Suzy rocks, and so does color.

    Happy weekend MP!

  3. oh yes! I am glad winter is almost gone :)

  4. These are amaZing!
    I love the looks... so much to notice and like! Very cool.
    hope your V D was sweet... seed love at gallery for moi!