Thursday, March 28, 2013

And Speaking of Cakes.......

A certain special member of the family is having a Birthday this weekend.

For this person, only a chocolate mousse cake will do.  So last year, I made him one from this book by Alain Coumont of Pain Quotidien fame.  I will never understand why they don't make them this way at the Los Angeles branches of PQ.   They sell, instead, small versions slicked over with a heavy layer of hard chocolate "couverture".   We prefer the sneeze-inducing cocoa powder covered version.   So of course I had to buy the book so I could make a proper one myself.  It's unbelievably easy and GOOD!

Just sayin'.

And yes, you guessed right, looks like I'm making it again.  Is there a special dessert at your house that enjoys repeat appearances?  And not just for the holidays?  Anybody else having a birthday?


  1. You must be a good baker MP, that looks like a difficult recipe. Maybe the powdered cocoa is intimidating me, I don't know! Looks fabu and delish...

    Please tell a Mr. Special Family Member, happy happy happy birthday from me ;^)

  2. Oh gosh, that looks so good! I'd prefer the cocoa powder too. :-) My guy LOVES dark chocolate cake with yogurt cocoa frosting. He could eat it every day. :-)

  3. Bon anniversaire au gourmand de chocolat !!! (ou à la gourmande)...

  4. That looks like a magnificent cake – I am most impressed by your mad-baking-skillz! And a very happy birthday to 'a certain special member of the family'! We have a birthday happening here too (Gira turns one today ;-)
    Hope y'all have a wonderful long weekend and enjoy the festivities!

  5. Tiramisu, among others. That looks a bit like tiramisu, btw.

  6. my birthday will be at the end of the month ... I don't mind a chocolate mousse cake !!