Sunday, March 3, 2013

Old Town Hastings

Remember my post about the Hastings sea front here?

How's about a few more images, and mostly of Old Town Hastings....

just steps from the Beach.

It is a sweet scenic little area.  And very walkable. 

Hendy Home is a bit of a new sensation.  What is it?  A bit of a hybrid, but you will find that you can shop for olde-style hipster homewares here AND get a very high end (and expensive) meal too.  All brought to you by a London emigre with great style.

This little street old "High Street" is quite a cosmopolitan passage in a fairly vast old-school seaside destination town that is now, in the era of easy-and-cheap air travel (to places that have more sunshine), pretty much past-its-best.

Hoping perhaps this street is about the beginning Hastings' reinvention.  In any case, past or future, ignore them all.......

Just have a nice little moment of now

digging up goodies

enjoying the sunshine

soaking up the atmosphere

and lightening your pocketbook a little.

It's a pleasant olde stroll.

which you won't really need wheels for at all.

Despite how tempting they might be.

Better to explore the alternatives.....

and finish up the day in proper English style!  Pass the malt vinegar please?


  1. Un endroit qui permet de faire le tour du monde en quelques pas... toujours aussi extraordinaire.

  2. That finishes up yummily. Nice table too!

  3. Glad I didnt miss this... too busy of late... a warm hello and nice to see what doing over here!

  4. Merci pour cette superbe balade vraiment très dépaysante... tu me fais très envie de prendre l'avion et de partir à la découverte de ces endroits superbes...!

  5. 'past its best' will suit me fine.
    must remember this.