Sunday, March 24, 2013

London Fills Me


Here's.....a little something to contemplate for the week.

I don't think it will hurt your brain, the subject I propose:

The number of cake shops in London these days!!!!!!!!

It's quite possible to find blocks in the city that seem to be nothing but cake shops!  End to end.   (Where can it end?  I think we can imagine.  At our waistlines?   Meanwhile....the young French woman standing next to me at this window kept exclaiming to her boyfriend: tu vois ce que je vois?  tu VOIS ce que je vois??!!!  maybe she had just spotted Hugh Grant inside, i don't know, but i have a feeling she'd spotted the cake of her dreams!))

I include South Asian goodies on Brick Lane in this assertion.

It's true that American cookies and carrot cake are noticeable in their ubiquity in London.

But...also cupcakes.  And  English cakes, American cakes, French cakes also!  Shall I mention all the Italian "Colomba" cakes that were making an Easter appearance?  Following in the footsteps of Christmas panettone?

It didn't take me long stepping off the plane, to realize that I was no longer in Kansas.  (Obviously in L.A. quite so many cake shops would never succeed.  Remember something called giant-screen TV's?  And....close-ups?  YEAH, talking about film stars et al.)

Try the length of sidewalk from Green Park to Picadilly: an Austrian-style cake shop is just one of two that have joined Laduree and La Maison du Chocolat on either side of the Burlington Arcade.

In London, only one thing can be said about economic austerity.  And it would have to be..........

L e t   T h e m   E a t   C a k e  ! ! !

(I was very sadly not quite up to the would require several lifetimes......soooooo, pictures instead?  What did YOU eat this weekend?)   HOPE IT WAS A GOOD ONE.


  1. London, dream city... city of wall to wall cakes... Let's go!

    Had a plan to make linzer cookies with my wonderful-fabulous-spectacular jam but ran out of time. Oh well.

    Happy new week MP!

  2. i smile... for this is overload! and i never even saw these for real either. that's right; i was stepping to and thro' to keep out of masses' way...
    ai. the abundance though... n♥

  3. Oh là là, elles me donnent faim tes photos ! C'est un vrai festival de gâteaux.....
    Ce weekend, j'ai mangé un gâteau à l'ananas mais il n'était pas aussi beau que ceux de tes photos :)
    Merci pour la balade gourmande !

  4. J'ai envie de tous les gouter... ils sont tous très appétissants, difficile d'y résister... Ils me semblent qu'ils ne sont pas aussi gros à paris...!!!

  5. heureusement, je viens de dîner! bonne soirée!

  6. I would love to eat every single baked good that's captured in these pictures right now, lol.

  7. this is overwhelming ... I would not know what to choose :)

  8. Oh my word! Now I'm craving cake something fierce. Good, dense, moist, flavorsome cake with gorgeous icing. :-)