Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunset Sunset

The Paradis family have some new neighbors in the 'hood.

We did not know it.  Till we took our late(st) Sunset walk.

Our first discovery was that the Micheltorena School have been keeping chickens.  Right in the middle of Silverlake. And right on Sunset Boulevard.  They hadn't arrived when I posted this picture.  (Does it look familiar?)

There's been alot of new activity on the block.  And since February is just over, lots of hearts and flowers.

Yup, in early March in Southern California already things are in bloom.  Even sweetpeas!  (Note to self: plant sweetpeas next fall!)

In the waning light we detected another newcomer to a burgeoning retail strip

just a little along from the school.  En Soie has joined Claire Vivier and others

on the corner of Sunset and Micheltorena.  (I like En Soie's inky-silhouett-ey style ID.  You?)  These pared-down little shops

are a casual-sleek-chic contrast to the texture and grit of hookah bars, tattoo shops

and taquerias that still dominate this streetscape.

Night still falls a little early for me.....but while the shops remain open.....(this is Sumi)

there's still something to look at.  Another new arrival: Rob Ryan!!!!  Has reached our shores.  Here, a nice big vase at Hemingway and Pickett.  (They describe themselves as: "art and design near and far".  Tout a fait juste!) And this is the perfect item (large vase) for the first of March when this part of the world is wafting with the perfume of jasmine.  Yes, please, SMELL! You will never get tired of the scent of it, floating in the misty evening air.

Yes.  Especially in the this part of L.A. it will ALWAYS be o.k. to wear your indian headdress with your fripes.

And everywhere you look you will find flowers.

And more taquerias.....

And you WILL always be welcome.  Nice walk, huh?


  1. En France rien ne pousse, il fait très froid et la neige et de retour... Cette balade me donne envie de venir découvrir tout ceci en vrai...! merci pour ce petit moment de rêverie...!

  2. Oh oh oh ! so MUCH! What wondeful-ness in your neighborhood! Rob Ryan and the rag cloth heart on the wire fence... AND CHICKENS! Love your hood MP.

    Happy new week my dear! X

  3. ha! rob has made it??! bigger shop than the colombia road one?
    your last image somehow captures me, is it the colour? the contrast?
    can i hang it on my inspiration board, so's you know!