Thursday, July 18, 2013

Americana Too - Via Posie Gets Cozy

From a wonderful blog that I used to have on my blogroll and then drifted away from.

Posie Gets Cozy (click it to see!)

I have to admit, I'm not really a flag-waving type.  I prefer to see America represented

by peaceful, colorful, creative images like this.

That celebrate our diversity.

And what we enjoy in common.

And remind us that we once used to represent refuge.  It's more true for some than for others now, I'm afraid.

Hope you all are able to find a little of all this where you are this summer weekend.


  1. Here's to Diversity mlle p ... the US certainly earned its reputation for hospitality over many, many years! Now many countries grow suspicious and unsure just when increasing pressures are going to aggravate ever more global movement. Australia has had a dubious record in recent years!

    Posy always looks very cozy ... lovely blog!

  2. Merci pour la découverte de ce joli lien...! La découverte d'un joli blog et d'une vie qui donne envie de choses simples... bonne fin de semaine...!

  3. thanks for your words and photos :) have a lovely weekend too :)

  4. What lovely kind thoughts
    Thanks for reminding us

  5. seriously?
    hee hee.
    i drifted away from posie because it was all a bit too mellow for my own taste, only to drift right back, because there's lessons here too, i believe.
    isn't it too uncanny i should bump into her again, here?????