Monday, July 1, 2013

Stuff For This Week - Happy Fourth of July!

Since many of us are going to be "summer vacating"

(via confetti garden)

this week.  Distracted, at least by barbecues and long lazy weekend

and maybe long hot drives in the car to go with..........

(Photo: silverblauw)

I thought I'd just post some cool easy images.  To pass the time.

(Photo: dottie angel)

Are you taking any good books with you?  For the road or the beach?

I just read "Climbing the Mango Trees" by Madhur Jaffrey - a fascinating memoir of pre-partition life in Delhi and now it's "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers - cuz somehow I think it's going to tell me more about Berkeley.

(Photo: debi van zyl)

For those of you stay-cationing, obviously books are still your friends!  As are kiddie pools and Pimms Cups (why not?)

Have a great WEEK and WEEKEND - wherever you are.  I'll see you next Monday.  xoxo


  1. Dottie ange et Silver blauw, j'adore leurs univers...merci pour cette découverte... très belle semaine, de mon coté je vais partir à la recherche d'un cocotier à Paris...!

  2. C'est bientôt le départ pour moi - long air plane ride - mais j'ai encore plein de choses à faire. I wouldn't mind envelopes like that; shouldn't we doodle on our envelopes? How's that for a schizophrenic comment?

  3. Fun relaxed moments and colors...I like the term stay-cationing, fist time I heard it!
    Happy Fourth of July and happy travels,,,from one of the stay at homes!!

  4. Oh I do love that kitchen sink photo Mlle P! Love that sink. Have a wonderful vacation and I shall look forward to snaps of it soon!
    thanks for loverly message!

  5. Hope your "summer vacating" is going well and that you're having a great time!
    Great pics - I particularly like Debi van Zyl's cactus collection and the beautiful neko kinpū ^-^

  6. thxs for your best wishes. weeks and weekends have been pretty cool, albeit not on summer leave yet. the weather helps.
    am not reading at all, just doesn't happen. so many hours to a day, not apt enough to use my eyes on pages of words...
    i guess i need september first, but that could be a lie.