Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scenes from a Weekend - Fourth of July 2013

How was yours?

Mine was short but sweet.

It started in the wine country around Paso Robles.

But we decided we wanted more fresh air and less wine.

So we headed to the coast and to "Harmony".  Yes.  It's really a place.  With about 15 inhabitants.

And a lovely hike.

Further south, Cayucos and Morro Bay were full of revelers in RED-WHITE-BLUE regalia.  But I found somebodies who were reveling in nature.

In Santa Barabara it was all about crowds for the fireworks but you might not know it from this picture.

It's a colorful town.  I recommend it.  (More on this soon.)

Bicyclers were out.  En masse.

You will have to take my word for it that the pinkish burst at the back of the picture is fireworks.  And you'll also have to take it from me that you HAVE NOT LIVED until you've experienced FREEWAY FIREWORKS.  Whether you've come down the coast from Mussel Shoals to Camarillo as the road winds along the coast and the starbursts are in your headlights or exploding out across the water .....  or if you're on the Santa Monica Freeway and seeing them shooting off of rooftops and out between the palm trees.  Right in the middle of  L.A.  

Fourth of July in California is FUN.  Wish you could be here.  


  1. Ah, merci pour la balade ! Les photos de la maison en bois et des rocking chairs me plaisent énormément. Et quelle chance d'habiter près de l'océan... il fait très chaud ici maintenant !

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Paradis. :-) I LOVE those images of the porch and the golden hills. Sigh. Just lovely. :-)

  3. Chaleur et soleil à Paris, mais d'aussi jolis maisons colorés pour se reposer à l'ombre... Les photos sont superbes... bonne fin de semaine

  4. loving the HARMONY place very much. it must be fun to look for calmer places around a date such as the 4th, and it is possible, clearly. that's reassuring. n♥

  5. I wouldn't have mind to be there at all. Love your pics too :)