Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunset Beer - Lucky Echo Park

Once upon a sunny and sometimes

(OK Everybody!  So how was your weekend?  Summery I hope!)

(I haven't taken my latest pictures off the camera yet.  So I thought I'd share these with you.)

still scruffy Echo Park.  Gently gentrifying as it is.......

across from the Cambodian grocery store with its deeply discounted veggies.

Where you'll find all the groovy once-ubiquitous foreign economy cars parked.

In the tight and charmless corner of a very ordinary L.A. strip mall.

You might be surprised to find something NOT QUITE A PUB.

And NOT QUITE your local bar, either.

I would have to call it a LIBRARY OF BEER.  Much of it, the beer, I mean, made in California.  In a crafty artisanal small-batch kind of way.  Because we are talking Echo Park.

There is a narrow but not altogether sun-less or charm-less outdoor patio, accommodating about 10 hipsters at a time.  (Facial hair obligatory, thanks.  I do just mean the men.)

O.K.  I'm going to call it a LIBRARY OF BEER.  You might call it just what YOU need in YOUR neighborhood.


It's better than a library, there are no overdue fees or expiration dates.  Well you know, it's a kind of "meta" - "expiration" in this context.  No?  The librarians are verrrrry helpful, friendly and accommodating.  Oh, and there's not much shushing going on either!

Are you thirsty yet? - - - - - - - - CHEERS!

(oh?  is the weekend really over already?  oh what a shame.  i was so enjoying myself!)


  1. Library of beer - that sounds like a little bit of heaven on earth. :-)

  2. Je ne connais pas la bière de Californie et je ne suis pas très poilue, mais je passerai bien mes vacances à proximité du Sunset Bière. Bonne semaine, le soleil est de retour à Paris...!!

  3. I don' drink beer but I think I would love this place !

  4. hee hee....!
    i'd have a whale of a time categorizing all that beer...
    can i bring some belgian, just for tasters?