Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coit Tower Part One - The Exterior Views

Dave Eggers, a temporary San Franciscan in his book, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

describes the natural elements of San Francisco as almost "sexual".

 So exuberant to the point of ferociousness, and rugged, framing the nacreous peaceful

people-scape of the city, with its mostly low-rise silhouette on a hilly horizon.

The greenery doesn't always seem to be a product of the earth, but rather, something

left behind by the wind, or the sea.......the limbs seem always outstretched and a little if crying to be taken back along for the journey.  Out across the great not-so-Pacific-maybe Ocean.  To escape.  To adventure.  To oblivion.  To discovery?

Coit Tower is a perfect place to witness all of this from, and to see San Francisco as a

cosmic and elemental celebration of all of our small blue planet's comings and goings.


  1. This is one of my favorite places in San Francisco. :-) I love sitting up there at night, the whole city glittering below. :-)

  2. Tu me donnes vraiment envie de faire un voyage en Californie. Les photos de champs de lavande plus bas et la vue sur l'océan sont superbes, merci pour ces belles découvertes...!

  3. so beautiful ... and did you notice that on your fourth photo the opening of the tree branches forms a heart shape :)

  4. I did wonder about that title. You lovingly caress in words and images a beautiful spot on this earth. So nice to see with your poetic eyes.

  5. Thank you for these beautiful photos. They reveal much of the charm of the city while creating a feeling of peace and restfulness.

  6. lovely description...
    cheers, dorte, i hadn't noticed, but now i don't see beyond the heart. goodie.