Sunday, September 22, 2013

Monday Bites: B for Balthazar, London

Why should it be that a Brasserie style restaurant and Bakery

designed and run by an Irishman-in-New-York, which may be the ultimate in BRANCHE

over there

be the very hottest new thing (since Baked Bread) in Blighty in a neighborhood (Covent Garden) of endless variations already on the  French Bistro theme.  

Churning and Chock-a-Block (for it's Chocolate Bread too - only on Sat. a.m.)

It is attracting the Boozers, the Bounders, the Babes and the Bankers...

Bizarre, but it works!  (and because it's good!?)  Balthazar, London

(the coconut cake totally worked for me!)


  1. I love it. :-) Really love it. And I want to sit in there for hours. :-)

  2. That's city poetry.
    I'm not going to London just now but you do remind me that I have too much butter that will go to waste if i don't get baking!