Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Abiding. Paris. And a Cat. C'est Comme Ca, La Vie

"Je suis en terrasse" via the Guardian

Top and 4th pic came via shares on Facebook.  Sorry can't do better than that at the moment.

These two, tweeted by Agnes Poirier and LolaMisfits - see both first link

It has not been a good month for many close to me in so many ways.  Don't know about you.  Not to trivialize at all what happened in Paris.  (See my previous post.) 

But I also received news last nite that my oldest and beautiful boy cat is probably not long for this world.  In almost exactly the moment that I received that news this young lady was brought into the same Dr.'s office.  She looks exactly like him except for a slightly cuter girly face.  Now she's home with us.  We don't know if she'll stay yet - if everyone will make her welcome. 

 But it's hard not to love this face and the spirit behind it.

  Loss is best healed by new life.  Sad but true.

So I'm saying yes to life and wearing bleu, blanc rouge.  See you on the terrasse......

Milles bises.


  1. Oui, Paris, c'est tout ça et plus encore !! Oui à la vie !

  2. Do cats know about synchronicity? Miss Personality has stepped in at the right time.

    Good to see your COULEURS ! You know, the American black Friday has come to France, but certain sites/shops are saying it would be in bad taste to use that expression now so have put on their thinking caps for something else....

  3. I'm sorry about your cat, lovely. XO It is always hard to lose a pet. Always. XO

  4. Je suis tellement désolée pour ton chat......cette petite minette semble si mignonne, tu vas l'adopter ?