Monday, November 30, 2015

Crystal Cove - A Thanksgiving Weekend Interlude, Part One

We made no plans for Thanksgiving this year

because of our very sick boy cat who was causing us big worries.

All the medicines and a hospital stay seemed to have helped him.  

He's pulled through and is miraculously eating and getting around to all his favorite places.

So Thanksgiving Day arrived and we had plenty to be thankful for.  And instead 

of crashing someone's turkey dinner, we went to Crystal Cove.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself.  It's hard to believe that places like this still exist

in the world.  And in America.

Of course we picked one of the very best days to visit it.  Because everyone else was

around their Thanksgiving tables and watching football.

It also felt like a blessing and a miracle.

We might have to make it our new Thanksgiving tradition.


  1. That is a Thanksgiving tradition I'd embrace in a heart beat. :-)

  2. How very beautiful! I do love a good rock pool, and am intrigued by that circular rock formation - is that simply the result of years of tidal action (or have Richard Long and Andy Goldsworthy been playing at Crystal Cove ;-)
    I'm also very, very happy to read that your kitty is doing better... long may his recovery and good health continue.
    A happy week ahead to you and yours! sx

  3. Je suis contente si ton chat va un petit peu mieux.
    Quel bel endroit pour profiter de Thanksgiving ! Le rocher rond sur ta dernière photo est vraiment intrigant !!!
    Bonne journée.