Friday, November 27, 2015

Collioure - For Color

Famous for making Matisse a Fauve.......

Collioure is a sweet, slightly touristy small town

originally famous for it's sardines.

Now it's possible to find there...wines of the terroir

oysters, too, at the market......

artisanal cider

but mostly, quiet streets

arty moments (no lace curtains?  paint your own!  L-O-V-E-L-Y)

story book views





Collioure could possibly

change your perspective

on life.  You could withdraw from the world

  to Collioure, to spend your moments praying on the greater ideas that shape our lives.

Or contemplating and practicing the beauty that surrounds you.  And the making 

of it.  By your hands, or another's.

Or you could just plump for the sweet life.

Hanging out with your good buddies from morning to night.

Then eventually and ultimately..... tuck into some safe haven.  Just to do the same tomorrow.

Collioure says "Yes" to life.  And to the little bit of FAUVE in us all.

(Hope it was a good Thanksgiving!  For those of you who had turkey.  xoxo)


  1. I love the color and light here SO much. :-) Happy sigh. I feel like I've been on a mini-vacation. :-)

  2. Merci pour ces photos si colorées ! Je suis allée une fois à y a 20 ans.....oh la la, comme c'est loin !!!