Thursday, November 5, 2015

Briefly, Barcelona

Here.  Pictures of facades I still haven't shown you.

 Of our rainy walk up the Ramblas from the Boqueria

past beautiful buildings of all eras

and especially the art nouveau


that line

the avenues

on the way

to Gaudi's Sagrada Familia.

Most were taken on a phone because of my acute delinquency in not charging my camera the night before.  But the haziness almost adds to the fantastical qualities, I think.

A disgrace that this is the best I can do for the Sagrada Familia but you know, it's really something you should see in real life.  And it's almost finally finished.  Make sure to schedule lots of time for your visit - and to probably book ahead.  When we arrived, it was a 1 1/2 hour wait to gain entry.

Here's an article about its imminent completion after 123 years in the Atlantic Monthly with an amazing and beautiful YouTube time-lapse video showing various components in progress.  I actually think I like it better "as is" since the finished project is a little space age-y for my tastes.  You decide for yourself.  Has anyone written a love song to Barcelona?  If not, they should!  What a gorgeous town.

It's finally gotten a little chilly in L.A.  Hope you are staying warm where you are.

BESOS for a LOVELY weekend!


  1. Aah, Gaudi... thanks for this lovely wander through the streets of Barcelona!
    Did you go inside Casa Batlló? There are some very beautiful interior details (wonderful 'organic' wood, stained glass, metalwork etc.). And the magnificent 'parabolic arches' in the attic! And the gorgeous tiles on the roof! A fine example of "fantastic whimsy" for sure :-)
    A great weekend to you too! sx

  2. Tes photos me rappellent plein de bons souvenirs de Barcelone !
    Bonne semaine.