Thursday, November 12, 2015

And Another (L.A.) Break - Pottering in the Past

So Mr. Paradis and I were having a walk the other day

and wandered past a warehouse

whose open door winked beckoningly at us.

Inside, a browser's paradise.  No anxiety of acquisition in the equation!

Well not for us, at least.  If you've ever wondered how they dressed those Mad Men sets

this place just might provide the clue.

All the pieces - scrupulously dust free and ready for pick-up.... (I can't imaging the army of cleaners who must descend here every night.  Literally, "ARMY")

There are many places like this all around L.A.  For the obvious reasons.

All these items are available for rental for TV, film, fashion shoots.

Or,  I suppose, my own 20 minutes of Doris Day delusion.  A warehouse of my dreams!  (More soon.  Because this place just went on and on and on!)

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