Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Corner View - REPURPOSED

This was a tough one!  For someone who loves old junk, there seemed to be precious little of it chez moi!  Will have to blame that one on hubby - because I've already had to throw out so much of his junk and because he's made me refrain from collecting more of my own!

Anyway, who else struggled with this?

Zowie!  I happened on this and yet again!  Colors from the Fairfield Porter painting!  Too unreal!


  1. this post is great! and the comments also as usual... on my end, I am the worse at anything that involves fixing or re-touching or inventing (except in my imagination) so I let Matisse do the talking as you saw. Have a lovely day!

  2. i might be stealing this idea... :)

  3. but your magritte post was very witty kenza! and jane, the idea is free. you might need alot of lampstands tho if you have alot of necklaces!