Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Melrose Trading Post: Other Peoples' Stuff

WHERE:  Melrose and Fairfax

WHO:  You Don't Know????!!!!!
(Why do I find him sexy - well cuddly? OK sexy.  I think he reminds me of Hubby.)

WHY?  (Wild!)

It became apparent last week that my household was suffering from a DEFICIT OF JUNK.

I know.  Those terms are usually only used these days in terms of economic conditions and Wall St.  NO I MEAN SURPLUS on Wall St.   Of Junk.

but hey listen when I was sent hunting for a repurposed something to share with the blog universe, shock horror, I fell short.

So TO DO something about this.

Does that satin stool look a little "rude" - or what?  Like Scarlett Johannson in Depends.

And speaking of Scarlett, it's in no way intentional but it may turn out this post becomes about BACKSIDES.

When it's not about psychedelic rugs and channeling your inner Endora.

No this is not Bentley.

Which one immediately caught YOUR eye?  It was "Brainwashed in Peking" for me!  My GOD?!  Why didn't I bring this whole frigging pile home?  What else do you need to know about the world except what is RIGHT STACKED UP HERE?  That "Labyrinths" - I didn't EVEN kind of almost half way AT ALL get beyond like Page 2 in my Literature Class back in the day.  And that Heinrich Boll - DITTO.  Left my German exam dreaming of moving BACK home with mother and becoming a hairdresser.  Sometimes it still seems like a good idea.

Look closely.  Quilts made out of Hawaiian prints.  I like that idea.

Avenues of aftereffects.

PORKY PIG GLASSES!  APRONS!  Pink Cutlery Holders and Jade Bakelite!  (I Die.)

Pyrex or Corelle?  Does Madame have a PREFerence?

Too cool for school.


If you could have more than one house, would you have like a SERIOUS HOUSE and then, a kitschy, colorful house?

Where you could prance around in shoes like this and swing a bag like that on your arm?  Me?  Yes. Totally.

*****  Come back next week for: "Second Life; Return to Fairfax Flea"


  1. Yes Totally Mlle paradis!
    great outing with you tonight!
    Loved the pile of books - "I was brainwashed in Peking" hooked me straight in...some collection I must say... Endora look is so cool! well maybe not on me...but pretty funky!
    The Scarlet scenario... it was getting to be a theme there... and seriously did like the heels and cool bag in the last shot...thanks for a walk on the wild side with you in LA!

  2. you made me laugh so much! thanks... and where is Bentley? --also some blog avoidance these days... take care!

  3. Absolutely love it! LOL! You are such a hoot and must be the best junk-shopping partner ever! :-)

  4. Oh what - the Scarlett comment? But am I wrong?

  5. fun! thanks for narrating a great outing, it was like i was there. and you are dead on re: depends/scarlett. love it all.

  6. ok. going to bed now. thanks all for stopping by. sorry no bentley in the flesh. it was fun to have you all along.