Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wet World



  1. these are absolutely incredible! thanks for this and for your kind words on my blog(s). I am really touched. Have a wonderful Monday and week!

  2. Quite unusually atmospheric underwater images Mlle Paradis!
    I must look at them a but longer actually. Many such photos are so crisp and the colours are so stark that in one sense they dont fell underwater at all... The movement is lovely in these!
    I'm curious what is coming up for you... there were hints!
    I also have a new direction for my art to when I get a feel more details ready... maybe later this week.. it will be put out!
    have a great week...thanks always for wonderful comments and your delicious zest for life!

  3. these are so pretty! however, between you and me, the ocean freaks my out a bit...

  4. ok for the record all, these were taken in the airport in Delhi. they are all in a tank and no photographers were harmed in the photo-making. that's why they are not crystalline clear as all those national geographic crazed-biology teacher (like i had) photos are, made with the fancy scuba gear, caribbean airline tickets and macro-smackro-underwater lens!

    glad you liked them tho sophie and jane. i was feeling quite depressed about my photos last week. (looking forward to your next post sophie.)

    and jane, i like to think if i'd grown up properly in hawaii, i would be a surfer now. but guess what my cousins who did, have pools and beaches and that don't get near ANY of them! they're like you, they find the water fairly dangerous.....