Monday, March 22, 2010

Blue Mood - Had to Tell Someone

These pictures are just speaking to me at the moment.  Don't ask me why.  

via Jules at the Diversion Project found here

la Brea Ave.  L.A. two Saturdays ago, yours truly


American Vogue March 2010

Miniatures - here and below, Bekonscot Model Village, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire - World of Interiors date unknown

World of Interiors, 2006/7 precise date unknown

G. de Chirico's designs for Diaghilev's Le Bal, World of Interiors, around 2006/07

 "Marguerite" - photogram, Nancy Wilson-Pajic;  British Homes and Gardens date unknown

Marie Claire Maison?  Date Unknown

Both dishes pics, Jody Todd World of Interiors date unknown.  p.s. if anyone knows where I can get a giant platter this turquoise blue color let me know!  I saw one in Cagnes-sur-Mer in 2007 and the shop was closed (France!) and I've never gotten over it.

Paul Smith cushions available at the Rug Company

Maison de Richard Goullet. Nicholas Matheus, Photographer; Maisons Cote Sud Dec 09/Jan 10

Marie Claire Maison, date unknown

Sunset Magazine - remember the tiles at Intelligentsia Coffee?  I've found the manufacturer!  But I've lost them again!  Gotta get back to you on this one!

British Homes and Gardens February '09

Photograph, Simon Upton, Decorators Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts publication and date unknown

Orchids, yours truly

Domino, date unknown

We just passed some idea of health reform in America.  This "Blue Mood" post is not to be construed as any sort of personal response to this historic event.  By the reaction of the stock market and contrary to what some politicians are saying, this seems to be very good news for the existing private insurance companies.  In a capitalist system, there is always a way to make money.  The important fact is that many tried, and some succeeded, and some might be better off.....there's always a reason to hope.

Meanwhile this post reminds me, if I love a color, I have to make sure to use it with a judicious amount of other colors that make it seem "more".  It's never all about just one thing. 

Next stop, Hong Kong...........


  1. I like you comment on the use of colors! Have a lovely time in Hong Kong! (and the LV house... I do not like to use negative adjectives so let us say it is not pretty at all! and says much about the state of mind of the owners. I hope they are not your neighbors...)

  2. ooh, i love the blue tile backsplash in the kitchen up top, and the stone floors and blue chairs in the photo of the living room. there's nothing like a pop of turquois to brighten up a room.
    thanks for your comment on my blog the other day! so glad i found you. and seriously, isn't fiore's mozzarella the best?

  3. I adore that stone-floored kitchen table shot. So much. I want to be there now, barefoot in a sundress, sipping something cold. :-)

  4. oh I just finished reading the piano teacher by Janice Y.K Lee. did you read it yet? Set in Hong Kong of the forties and fifties. You can practically feel the humidity. I loved this book. Read it if you haven't. (also it's her first book, i'm so jealous of her)

  5. i was not expecting that stone floor to get such a response! i was more thinking about that stack of plates and little bowls. but so many goodies in those pics.

    corine - i don't know that book but i will keep an eye out for it. you will get there with your own. i know you will.