Monday, March 8, 2010

Industrial Chic - Colorforms Kaka'ako, Honolulu

Do you like industrial zones?  Heavy equipment?  Sawdust and metal?

Maybe because I had little brothers, and a Dad who was happy to put a hammer in my hand,

 I love these out of the way places where things are fixed, and made, taken apart and put back together.

A place where guys are actually orderly and all their things have a place.  And they know where to find them without asking YOU!

I love these places when they are humming with activity but I love them especially at lunchtime, or on the weekends, when the activity slows and the workplaces go silent.  And a kind of peace descends on them.  They are nice places to wander where you will encounter very few other people and you can 

just listen to the silence and enjoy the neighborhood forms as they melt into abstractions.

It's in these moments that you notice what poetry they have to offer.  Sometimes they evoke scenes from Raymond Chandler novels.

They sometimes drop you back in time.  And sometimes little details turn into big surprises.

Like these baby coconuts.  Which are even smaller than in these pictures.

Have you ever seen a baby coconut before?  Aren't they beautiful and cute?

Sadly, over time off the tree they do not stay like this.  They shrivel up into crispy little brown things.  But think about it, how often do you find a coconut when you're going to get your car fixed?!!!!!

That's why I've always liked getting well off the beaten track.  Cause you never, ever know.........


  1. I like this SO much! I too like to wander around factory buildings, warehouses, hearing the hustle and bustle of workers, then that lovely calm over lunch hour when folks are lounging on benches, smoking, drinking, eating, enjoying the shade. This is great. :-)

  2. what a colorful neighborhood! love those kinds of walks:)

  3. Excellent post. I really enjoyed your commentary here, especially how activity slows down during lunchtime and weekends. I like seeing that as well. I also enjoy the contrast between day and night of the same location. It's amazing how something you see at night can have a completely different character during the day.