Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Since I'm stay-cationing close to home this week, it seems consistent with the theme to share with you some "still lifes" from around the house.

It's a little odd to do this, because it makes me look at my stuff with someone else's eye.

I guess I definitely like things that are assertive and definite in their color and form.

Ceramics on right: Emma Katz

I definitely like all that is handmade.

Ceramics front and left: Marie Kodama; rear right: Drew Montgomery

I also love mercury glass and mirrors of any sort.  I love the way they reflect and throw light, I love the way they open and break up space, like in a Bonnard painting.  I love the way they refract light.  I love the way they glimmer.

I think I definitely like to bring the outdoors indoors with natural forms.

I've always been a bit snooty about women who collect dolls

but I realize I must be collecting them in other forms.  And how much I'm influenced by imagery from my early Catholic years.

Doll far right: Charla Khana

I love textiles and animals.

I love textures and patterns. 

And apparently after many years of schlepping things from one part of the world to another,

Little things still mean alot.   What do your things say about you?


  1. Extraordinary objets! ! !
    Especially la chat

  2. Beautiful textures, colours and patterns! I particularly like the soft, furry texture in the 10th pic :)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. That darn cat steals the show every single time!