Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tourist Kine Pick-chahs - Honolulu

Dolphins at the Kahala Hotel

Snorkeling at Sunset Beach, North Shore

Doris Duke's Islamic Art Treasure House, Shangrila

Looking for Honu (Sea Turtles) Waimea Bay

Hula Moon at Kahala Hotel

ALL PAU NOW!  Ahui Hou!


  1. What a great location. Honolulu really is beautiful.

  2. i had no idea d. duke had a place in honolulu! i grew up near her estate in nj, and in the winter my great-aunt used to take us to smell the jasmine bloom in the hot houses.

    when did you leave hawaii? these pics are always insanely beautiful. sigh.

  3. God that water! I could dive right into my computer screen! And the outcome would obviously not be good, but I'm totally compelled by the clarity of it and those palm trees in the background.

  4. Des: what's not to like!? (Actually there is a whole book called "What They Don't Tell You About Paradise - good to buy before moving there!)

    Lily: That Doris! Good news is she had good taste to go with all that cash! She liked hanging out in Hawaii with the beach boys (Hawaiian kine.) Yes that's Diamond Head in the background. Worth the detour.

    Laura: I know, it hurts kinda good doesn't it? Again, what's not to like?

  5. oh! thanks for this lovely visit to paradise... have a wonderful week end! The new header is great!

  6. can I swim in that pool?.......I could loll around there endlessly!

  7. I didn't know Doris Duke had a place in Honolulu either. I visited her place in Rhode Island and thought it was gorgeous, especially the bedroom with all the mother-of-pearl furniture. It also sounded like she really knew how to live life.