Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Corner View - Front Door

The one on the left or the one on the right?

For more Corner Views, go have a look with Jane at Spain Daily, RIGHT HERE.


  1. If I have to pick one, I choose the left one... but, I'm curious, and like to visit the house behind the right one ;)
    Nice shot !

  2. Wish I had the courage to chose the one on the right.


  3. love white houses... and love colorful doors!!

  4. Oh my! What a memorable house! Somebody must have felt very inspired to go to such lengths! Would love to meet the person behind the vision.

  5. The one on the right! I'd be so happy to come home every day with all that cheeriness awaiting me. :-)

  6. Thanks to all for commenting! I get a little off track sometimes, but mostly we are all ABOUT COLOR! Over here at P.P. Sometimes it's a little less so in the pics and more in the content! But as any good cook will tell you, color is flavor and I LIKES ME SOME!

    Thanks again for coming to check out my corner view!