Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pierre Bonnard - L'Atelier au mimosa, Le Cannet

OK this is for Sophie.  (A wonderful painter and investigator of nature here,)

This is a partial reprint of this painting.  My scanner area is smaller than the reproduction in the book so missing on the left is an orange area (guessing it's reflected/refracting light in the interior, which would be typical of Bonnard) and someone's face loosely dematerializing (another thing I like about Bonnard) in the bottom left corner.  So go to your library/art book store, google and see the whole thing!

I can't say I personally recollect seeing a whole tree in bloom like this.  But how nice it would be to do so.  

FRENCH FANTASY ETERNEL:  J'aimerai tant me retrouver en ce moment sur la Cote, descendre a la mer prendre un petit cafe au plein soleil dans mes toutes neuves escarpins roses.  

(Translation:  I would love just in this moment to be on the Cote d'Azur, wandering down to the water's edge to have a little cup of coffee in the sunshine in my new pink dancing slippers.  Possibly with pink satin ribbons criss-crossing up my legs)  Some stuff never gets old!

Instead I'm taking a furry young man to the vet yet again one hour across town.  And my heart is breaking because I have to deny him breakfast and push him into a nylon carrier again.  Chinese mothers hate it when they can't see their children eat!


  1. Beautiful! Thanks.
    And by the way, thanks for the Times' comment on Caravaggio. I think people are at a loss of what to say and write. I found the quote pompous, exaggerated, with an unfit vocabulary, convoluted and at the end she said close to nothing except some Caraggio bashing for the sake of it. I would rather contemplate art in silence and whatever I may not like just walk away again in silence.

  2. Hi Kenza - Oh! I know what you mean. Hate to say it but it strikes me as more of the "trying to sell newspapers" kind of journalism we're getting these days. Attention getting language and positions etc.