Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back to Shoreditch

How's the week so far?  We started our week here in L.A. super hot -

but the delicious cool-but-sunny weather has returned.  My company has gone away again for

a couple of days.  So I'm taking a mini-breather.

I wasn't sure about posting these pics today since most of us are enjoying so much our finally sunny days.

But I figured, it ALWAYS looks like this in London so, what the hey?

And anyway, miserable weather outdoors seems to beget such a lush indoor cultural life.  (Which we love about England, no?)

And a multitude of interesting ways to counteract the grays.


  1. I never get tired of seeing your photos of London...the ordinary streets, the real stuff. And actually, looks like our skies might have some of that London gray tomorrow too :^)

  2. J'aime beaucoup la jolie chevelure rose sur la première photo... c'est ce qu'il nous faut pour contrer le temps gris et froid...! bonne fin de semaine...!

  3. have you been star hunting whilest over??
    is that joanna lumley in the left hand corner of image #1?

    listen, i always love gazing at your london ones, you know why.
    let's do meet up like that, one day, when you guys are over, i'll hop over.
    just let me know in plenty of time, and i buy a one day ticket, why not?
    we can go galavanting, side by side.
    or fall really shy. also possible. ...
    i am answering your letter soon, dear.
    i just need. a breather.

  4. nous aussi nous finissons par devenir des experts du gris… je te souhaite un week-end coloré!