Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sunrise, and Sunset

We have a new mayor in L.A. after our election this past Tuesday.  It will be interesting to see how he makes his mark.  We also voted to limit the number of pot shops (yes, I'm talking medical marijuana) to only 135.  In the whole city.

I'm now regretting that I never did my long-planned photo essay on L.A. pot shops cuz I reckon I could count about 30 that I could walk to just in my neighborhood!  Not that just ANYONE can come in and get some weed.  As my recent houseguest from Hawaii just found out.  

Sophie asked about my was rebuilt in the 90's in a Bauhaus-ey kind of style by a TV actress.  Hence the characterlessness of the street side that you saw in my honeybee post.  The actress didn't want prying eyes so there aren't ALOT of windows on certain parts of the house, nor alot of curb appeal to attract interest.  Instead, my house is all about the back.  And what you can see from it.  And which I share with you here.  

My neighbors' roses in the morning, and sunset over the Santa Monica mountains.  

Cuz that's L.A. baby!  


  1. sweet la, darling mountains in back.
    what actress though?

  2. La végétation autour de chez toi est très belle (et très exotique aussi !).
    Bon WE :)

  3. wow ... love both your views. Your back garden looks so cosy :)