Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This Is Silver Lake

It took us years of living in this neighborhood to discover this.

Silver Lake is actually a large reservoir in the middle of this historic neighborhood in Northeast L.A.

The Paradis family already knew about the reservoir, and even the dog park on its banks where people will snooze in their lawn chairs all day while their four legged family members meet up with buddies for long runs and doggy play. 

But we did not know about this nice lawn.  Perfect for kite flying and frisbee.  Picnics and sunbathing.....

Listen, in this neighborhood with it's steep hills and desert terrain, LAWNS ARE RARE.  In fact most people will opt for a pool behind their house, in lieu of lawn.  It's not quite the sheep meadow at Central Park but it will do for people like me.....

Because what is nicer than going barefoot in a great big expanse of grass?  And enjoying a lawn that you didn't have to mow?

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  1. ha ha ha... for some reason, because i only just saw it probably, this expanse reminds me of moonrise kingdom. adventure lawn! ;)))