Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hope Your Weekend is TOP-KNOT-ch!

OooooooKay: Excavating the archives........for a little weekend smile.......

I took these almost exactly a year ago in May 2012, in Leicester, England.

Where topknots were rampant!

I think I remember topknots being all the rage in NYC in the summer of maybe '09?????  They might have had a nano-second here in L.A. shortly thereafter but as with alot of fashion in L.A. they barely rippled the surface of the proverbial water.  (Many people will tell you that, Rachel Zoe and the red carpets notwithstanding, LA is just not a fashion-ey town.)

So I was bemused that "the knot" seemed to be "de rigueur" in the West Midlands last Spring.  And of course as always, I felt deeply un-fashionable because I wasn't wearing one.  I felt the same in Leicester in years before when those skinny jeans appeared and I was still in my good old bell bottoms.  Somehow in medium-large towns it's very problematic when you're not in the swim of things.  Bigger cities seem to accomodate more variety.  No?

Have you done the topknot thing?  Did it make your head hurt?  (That's what I imagine.)  

Will you have a good weekend?  I certainly hope so!!!!!!!!


  1. oh yes... top-knots. Hot weather in this town and I get my hair up and don't always worry terribly about the "look' ..shame on me!
    This reminded me of that episode of Sex and the CIty (I may well be the only person to come by here who has watched that show!) when Carrie tells that bloke no New Yorker would be seen dead in a scrunchie.

    Lets just say things are pretty casual here in the sub-tropics shall we! And yep... bigger the city the more variety very often indeed!
    enjoy your weekend!

  2. I love top-knots, in fact I am missing my old one. I would love to grow out my hair so I could do that again. xo

  3. so. allow me, i'm puzzled.
    will look up "top-knot" first and get back.
    oh, right! comment one is very helpful. thank you, sophie!
    hm, when my hair is longer, yessum.
    as it is now, i just throw my fingers through my coupe and tie it up in the air, before releasing it. does that make me a weirdo? i think it's very weird, actually...
    ps - yes, i remember the scrunchie scene. it's in the same waters, innit?

  4. I do the top knot at home, but not when I'm out and about. Not sure why. :-)

  5. My daughter and I enjoyed tracking and snapping top-knots last summer in Spain and I just saw a NY blogger talking about them as the latest thing from Paris. My daughter -with her very long hair at 11- likes to tie one on up high and make it bounce to the beat of her favorite songs!