Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shock and Awe for June - Orly Genger in Madison Park

So ARE we in June yet?  Oh, OK, tomorrow......

(Photos: Dominique Browning via SlowLoveLife see more pics there)

So it has been so crazy around here, that even if some reference to these pieces appeared in the NYTimes, I totally missed it.  Wish I'd been in NYC for this installation.  It's like Richard Serra traded in his annealer for a giant crochet needle!  And apparently, if you check the comments on the link - the same conversation was being had over Orly Genger's work in Madison Park (see, I did miss it: NYT -click the link!) as took place over Serra's "Tilted Arc" way back in the days (which I'd previously blogged about here).

What do you think?  I love it, I'm all for it.  Though I will rant about crass entertainments in gardens and historic places.....(here) I do believe that judicious use of art in public spaces, in the spirit of for example, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, serves the purpose of not only bringing large-scale art to an unsuspecting public, but highlights the specific characteristics, quality, and value of such public spaces to the community,  i.e., it's good to have a chat about what our public spaces are good for, what use they are to us.  And who, exactly "we" are.  What is a garden, or not......?  And obviously, the chat about what "art" is, which we're still having, here in L.A., about our notorious rock.

So.  I'm still recovering from my Month of May, 2013.  It won't be one I'll forget anytime soon.  But more on that the meantime........hope you like this and hope you have something you'd like to tell me about it.

XOXO.  Tres bon weekend a vous tous!


  1. whaouuuu .... impressionant !!

  2. Color! Texture! I'm convinced we need more tactile experiences in our too often virtual world.

  3. J'adore ! La texture est incroyable. Et le contraste des couleurs est si intense (rouge/vert/rose).... C'est très intéressant, moi aussi j'aurais bien aimé voir cette installation "en vrai" !

  4. ha, yes. christo & co sprang to mind. of course you do realize they are my reasons for having started blogging in 2007? it went like this: i was at the ironing board, recovering from adult studies, and i heard this article on the radio about OVER THE RIVER, to be launched around about now, or perhaps it was 2011. anyway, i thought, let's start blogging, until i go see this project (because it was way forward in time).
    well, it is now not going to be on show before 2015, if it will at all, so i've time, but i will come and visit. the arkansas river. not before 2015.
    just saying.