Sunday, June 2, 2013

Annie's Annuals - A Whole Lotta Heaven and Earth; Part One

They specialize in rare and unusual plants.

Further to my introductory post to Annie's Annuals last week:

What do you think?  Can you take anymore gorgeousness????  

You don't HAVE to travel through their "really scary neighborhood" as described by a YELP reviewer.

You asked, Nadine?  Yeah, scary in the wrong ways sadly.  Even on the Left Coast in Golden California!

(Blue Australian Broom - can you believe it????  It smells like candy!  In all the best ways!  More on this in Part Two)

What I'm saying is that they do ship and I saw them packing up the lovely healthy plants

with mucho TLC.

I have to add, I've visited one or two garden centers in my time and this place is a true standout.

The prices are reasonable for any kind of plant, much less this enormous variety of unusual ones.  

It's not like you have to track down one or two lonely specimens, there are plenty of each kind for you to take home.   

And such attention to detail:  Everything is beautiful, healthy, colorful and harmoniously presented - who else uses these nifty color-coded stakes????   And it's so tidy, you could eat off the floor!

Despite the slightly carefree-hippie vibe,

there is nothing scruffy or higgledy-piggledy about their plants or the way they operate.

I think Annie's Annuals could seriously enrich my life.  I do hope you have a chance to find that out for yourself as well!!!!

How was the weekend?  Hope you've had a little sunshine and rest and are ready for a new start!


  1. Merci pour ce joli moment bucolique... Paris a abandonné l'idée d'un printemps clément et fleuri, car toujours pluie et gris au rdv...xoxo

  2. It takes a southern Cal gal to nudge me to get my b-hind in gear. It's practically in my backyard! I do really need to go and get my plant-vibe back on. I am utterly confused how to approach this yard...I am utterly and completely lazy as well ;^)

  3. What a stunningly beautiful place. :-) Those first pics are especially stunning. I can almost feel the warmth of the sun. :-) I did have a good weekend - though it was the beginning of winter and downright frigid. :-)

  4. quel bonheur que de se promener au milieu de toutes ces fleurs, chez nous ici le printemps est enfin arrivé et j'aime quand le soleil apporte de douces lumières sur la nature toute entière.
    Bises chère Claudia
    ( je me suis fracturé le poignet droit!!!! heureusement que je suis gauchère!)

  5. wow ... impressive and lovely :)