Monday, June 10, 2013


We still, in the U.S. have an extremely strong Puritan strain running through our culture.

That's why I do not expect to seet anything like this in our U.S. stores for years to come, if ever.

What do you think?  Don't you think it's silly to think that everything that is utilitarian should also be ugly?

These are made in England, and they are not cheap but you know, there is something called economies of scale......if manufacturers thought more people would buy one, the costs might go down.  

At least if you had a tent like these, you might not have such a hard time finding your campsite!  Found them at the NY Times here.

Did you have a good weekend?  Any camping plans?


  1. Oh, how lovely- especially the bottom one! I love beautiful and useful things. My hubby just rolls his eyes and says, "what's the point?" Typical.

  2. ... else someone might just nick it off your spot, he?
    gorgeous stuff!!!
    makes me almost want to go camping. ..

    1. careful, there's a spammer on the loose above here...
      throw 'im in da cow tent!

  3. These tents make me want to go camping especially the first one. I love it!

  4. I just returned from camping and I would LOVE that bottom tent!! :-) So pretty. :-)

  5. Pourquoi ne pas y avoir pensé avant. Je suis allée faire un tour via le lien, elles sont toutes superbes. Moi qui ne suit pas fan, des nuits sous une tente, cela me donnerai presque envie...

  6. Awesome!

    Northern Cali has some awesome camping sites!

    Thanks :)


  7. Je déteste le camping, mais ces tentes sont un sérieux argument pour…
    très bonne journée!

  8. The bottom tent would be nice for pitching in a backyard under a tree some summer day and reading all afternoon (presupposes: existence of backyard, awesome tree, the luxury of a totally free summer afternoon).