Friday, June 14, 2013

If It's Friday, It Must Be Fish

Some beautiful pictures for the weekend.

 (via the GuardianPhotograph: Laurent Dubrule/EPA)

Harvest from horseback:  fisherman in Oostduinkerk, Belgium pulling shrimpbaskets out of the sea with a little help from some friends, it seems........

(found somewhere on tumblr this photographer deserves a credit, but I just can't find it....sorry!)

And I'm guessing that some of you out there are feeling a little bit like this these days.  At least, you are beautiful when wet like these guys!

Have a wonderful weekend.  And HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all those Dad's out there!

How can it possibly be that we are already past the half-way mark in June????????  I'll be thinking of you!


  1. A paris, le temps est un peu comme sur la première photo, mais sans la mer....! Déjà la moitié du mois écoulé, le temps passe trop vite... bon Week-end

  2. Elles sont jolies les photos que tu as choisies ! Et oui, comme le temps passe vite...

  3. I really like the photo of the fishermen. :-) It feels wild and robust. :-)

  4. i find those hungry seagulls the most hilarious of all birds. they are comical! seeing them brag about, peddling over beaches or gliding over beach railings, they are too silly. and they shout as they fly... i ALWAYS look forward to first class entertainment when i go to the seaside...

    it's been beautiful weather this end. well, it was too hot, and this morning it's raining. and yes! it's friday! ;)))

  5. Cette photo avec les deux pécheurs à cheval est superbe et semble un peu surréaliste! Elle me touche beaucoup, merci!