Monday, June 24, 2013

Flora Grubb, SF: Not Just Another Garden Center

Make sure to check out the website:

Flora Grubb.  It is very well done.

(Fermob fabulousness!  My other Fermob post here.)

I have to say that I expected something very different.  Based on the pictures I'd already seen.

Of the round-faced real-life Flora with her soft blonde bob.  I expected a garden center

a little more rough and ready.  Earthier.  Looser shall we say.

But tho there are undeniable rustic moments here......

Shall we say the words, "curated", "tightly edited", "restrained", and

"architectural" spring to mind here.  And even, "military precision".  If you can say that about a group of what seem like milennials from far-flung places manning positions at this center of new S.F. chic, in almost-avid-anticipation of landing their big break.  In whatever alternative (to Flora Grubb, even?) sphere that might be.

Don't get me wrong.  They seem to know exactly what they are doing.

Carrying this very wide selection of Judith Jackson pots in yummy colors might be what I mean.

And these not-quite-for-baking, though tempting tins.....

Shall we say Flora Grubb (vs. Annie's Annuals here) seems to present planting as decor, planting as it pertains to our built surroundings?

Structure, texture and color groupings are very strong themes.

We're not strictly speaking about plants for plants sake here.  But we are talking about an

ENVIRONMENT.  And a very nice one too.   Whatcha think?  Could it work for you?


  1. Merci pour cette délicieuse balade au milieu des succulentes, cactus et jolies poteries colorées...! Je rêve de vivre dans un endroit à la végétation luxuriante...! Bonne journée

  2. Tu as découvert la boutique qui fournissait le Paradis ;)
    Côté cinéma, oui, cinéphile je suis, depuis tout petit, époque où je voyais très peu la télé et allait au cinéma deux fois par an ; c'était donc la fête et voir un film reste une fête pour moi. Du reste je n'ai toujours pas de télé mais me suis fait une petit salle maison, où je vois les films - ou quelques séries - à mon rythme. Hier soir, j'ai revu le magnifique Bright Star de Jane Campion, que tu connais sans doute. Alors, si tu aimes le cinama aussi, je suis prêt pour toutes tes suggestions !!!

  3. Thank you so much for visiting the nursery and, especially, for your elegant post!

  4. why, this is anthro in the garden, is it?

  5. Oh, I SO wanted to visit Flora Grub over the weekend, but I just had too many commitments! Maybe next time, those letter forms are awesome, now I wish went.....Annie's was fabulous, even though I had to pay extra weight charges for my luggage at the airport on my return home yesterday, and what did I take out to toss away? My new NIke's!

  6. Oh yes ... what a cool place. Wish it was around my corner :)