Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm a Fan of Fridays. Aren't You?

(Rob Ryan)
 It makes me Happy.  And when I'm Happy

(A restaurant in Brooklyn, NY - No website, but Yelp reviews)

it's easier to make my Hubby Happy.  (With pizza.)

(Via Bloesem)

To make my cats happy (with cozying and company).

(Via the Marion House blog - she's now an editor at Chatelaine)

Because I have more time to think about what makes Me Happy.

(Elsa Mora - I'll be telling you more about her!)

And really, just BECAUSE.  (You know how that goes.)

Something else that makes me Happy?  The Golden Gate Bridge (one month ago).

It's FRIDAY AGAIN!  Have a verry HAPPY weekend please!


  1. you love fridays, he?
    i love saturdays, just a day away...
    those cats!
    elsa mora... i'm getting it.
    looking forward to your interpretations.

  2. Merci pour les liens visités avec beaucoup de plaisir... Il pleut, il pleut à Paris...!
    Très bon WE

  3. I can't stop thinking about that pink ombre cake. !!. I'm putting this on the list to attempt as soon as we get our kitchen in working order.