Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm Calling It Fawn, You Might Want to Call it Gold

Could we settle on bronze?

This is not really a spring-ey post.  But these pictures settled into my archives via Tumblr sometime in the past couple months and they are screaming out to be shared.  OK, whispering to be shared.

I'll be back soon with more Bay Area pics.  As Mr. Paradis said, I took a phenomenal amount of photos. We are now struggling to get them from my camera to the computer without crashing my whole cyber world.  

These pics are all via Tumblr with no legitimate provenance obtainable.  Love how they're so graphic and textured and the same time.  Like an ancient greek aesthetic - so sophisticated and primitive at the same time.  And do we adore the spot of sea blue in the second picture?????

Enjoy, Enjoy!


  1. that coat! of the doodling on that coat! i want to make it mine!
    sea blue going on there too...

  2. Very nice grouping - thank you. A day that starts with texture is a good day!

  3. I like so mutch l'imprimé de la photo 3. Mille bises affectueuses chère Miss Paradis!

  4. i especially like that floor :)