Friday, November 26, 2010

And Now....... For the Weekend

Let the Festive Season begin!  Are you ready?


  1. happy thanksgiving to you ....if it can be said a few days later MP????
    The tree is gorgeous...
    ah... not event thought xmas yet.
    Loved your corner view photos...gorgeous.

  2. Oh how lovely!! Yes ma'am, I am SO ready! :-)

  3. I am definitely not ready - so much to do!
    On a foodie note, from your earlier posts - I also am totally in the boiled egg and soldiers brigade, and parathas are great. In India, I had them a lot and they would do them without oil with was so much nicer. In fact, the food in general was just so much better and lighter than the Indian food on offer in England.

  4. hum... ready? I don't think so! And this year I guess Petit Caramel will be more aware of if all. I have ordered his gifts through the Internet so let's see!
    Have a lovely week end full of light!

  5. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH comme ce sapin est magnifique, on se croirait sur les Champs Elysées à Paris !Passe un bon week end Kiss!kiss!

  6. Holidays are subtle in these parts. Quiet, not a lot of fuss. Though this year I am looking forward to a bit more decoration and baking than usual. Feeling the pull of winter ... I guess you can say I'm ready :^)