Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Corner View - Taking A Different Perspective

Wow.  This one could have been very deep!   So many ways to explore this idea.  But I want to keep it short and sweet (unlike my Singapore foodie post!).  And let the pictures do most of the talking but just with little captions in haiku.  I think they are just a personal as my Singapore foodie post, but from a completely different perspective.

What do you think of that?

Is it my old life?
I am neither here nor there.
Postcards to myself.


Strange lurking shadows
In a bowl of sweet fruit.  Why?
My life is not gray.


I lay my head down
To dream.  Not in a boudoir.
But a log cabin.


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  1. mademoiselle.
    i love your post.
    it is fragile.

  2. Yes, travelling and dreaming are great ways to get different perspectives! ps: I'm proposing you the Tag on the Books / 15 Authors (if you want!)

  3. I like the beams of yellow with the lirking shadows.

  4. Wonderful photos to go with a great post. xo

  5. Different outlook, different feeling, different heart, in different places... me too ;^)

    gorgeous first photo...xo

  6. Thanks everybody, nice to see you and thanks for coming by and to Dana for a great theme this week! Hope everybody has a really good Thanksgiving!

    Now here's a note for somebody that I'm having a hard time getting in touch with. She does the wonderful blog: le bord dore des nuages. Hope she finds it!

    Bonjour! Je ne sais pas si je suis la seule d'avoir ce probleme....mais chaque fois que je clique sur le lien pour ton site (depuis n'importe quel point d'acces - d'autres blogs etc), je me retrouve sur ton billet de 23 Octobre '10. Impossible d'acceder le billet courant. Tres decevante! Je ferai de mon cote des recherches sur "Blogger" voir quels propos ils puissent faire. Mais je voulais te dire que ce n'est pas par manque d'interet ou de volonte que je m'absente de chez toi.


  7. I like the log cabin, and your poems too.