Monday, November 1, 2010

Tibet Style - Yann and Hippolyte Romain, Flammarion

Since I seem to be in a book moment.  Since it's time to start bundling up in style, and because words mostly fail me in this instance.  I will let the brother of the photographer speak:

"2005,.....11,500 feet (3,500 m) towards Jumbum, Labrang and Xiahe.........

a world of nomads, holy men, desperados......

the region is intersected by a winding road....on the outskirts (of tiny villages) donkeys and dogs roam freely...the wind gusts constantly, blowing up clumps of snow in winter, or sand and dust in summer....

the overwhelming first impression for a traveler in these lands is still the space - a great emptiness where the elements dominate.....

lying on the Mongolian border 1,243 miles ( 2,000 km) north of Lhasa.

This is northern Tibert, the Tibet of noble brigands, and this book is dedicated to its nomadic beauty which is paraded defiantly, like an anthem to freedom." - Hippolyte Romain

Every page of this book is a revelation.

And the stunning beauty and originality of dress is hard to fathom, particularly when we are

considering these photos represent "the present day".

Who knows what changes the past 5 years have brought since these photos were taken?   Find it here.


  1. Un beau livre que je prends plaisir à feuilleter grâce à toi :) J'ai tout un rayon de bibliothèque sur le sujet... mais je ne m'en lasse pas !

  2. Love the warm sherpa and beautiful bright prints! They look so cozy in big hats and fuzzy jackets!