Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Smile to Start the Week With.........

Following on the cozy Brits theme of last Friday.......... 

Here's a little bit of granny chic for you all from a clever girl in Norfolk, featured in a recent Cote Ouest (click to link) October/November 2010.   Just the place for tea in bed and storybooks or tickling (at length) small rosy-cheeked children.  Red stripes are also featured rather heavily in this edition - if you are a red-stripes type of person!   Oh I would also click to enlarge so that you can get the full delicious effect of those wallpapers!

It's getting to be that time of year for tucking up isn't it?  

How was everyone's Hallowe'en?


  1. Love this look MP... or should I say Mlle Bourgeois!!!
    thanks for the good energy!

  2. looks divinely, ridiculously cozy. which i could really go for right now; our uninsulated stone cottage (no hot water, no heat, obvi) is getting rather chilly these himalayan nights...

  3. This is nice... Lovely colors to lift up the spirit!
    I have tried to leave you comments in the previous posts but to no success. Sorry! I hope you are well. Thanks for your kind visit and comments.
    Take good care and happy November!
    --here Halloween came and went with no one bothering about it...

  4. J'adore ce magazine. Il y a dedans tout ce que j'aime... et pourtant j'habite coté sud ! A quoi ça tient ?