Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's That TIme Again

Well L.A. is looking a bit more like this today.  Now that we've had almost three days and nights straight of rain. What a shock that was to the collective system!  Sorry if I'm still not quite on my game again guys, the picture glitch has me having to reorganize (and delete an unbelievable number of duplicates) from scratch.

And yes a couple other projects cooking.  Watch this space!  

Hope everybody has a great weekend!  I think an Indian summer is on the way for some of you?  




  1. Ooh, an Indian summer!? I hope your sources are accurate, and that they mean Amsterdam :) I could do with some of that!
    LA looks lush and mysteriously beautiful! Have a great weekend.

  2. love the prolific look of this patch of land... enjoy your weekend MP!'

  3. Yes we are having Indian summer today and this weekend.

    In answer to your question, the sky was actually that color, no photoshop done to it.

    Have a golden weekend! xo

  4. Hello! Hello! Sorry I have not been very good at visiting these days... What a lovely photo!
    Thanks for your kind comments. Things are piano piano as the Italians say.
    I hope you are well.
    Have a joyful week end!

  5. We've been having a GORGEOUS Fall!! I can't believe it! :-) I hope your sunshine returns soon. :-)