Thursday, October 21, 2010

San Francisco - Mission Mission Part Three - Window Shopping

I won't add much more to

this third and final post about the Mission.

Only to say, what is the fascination of barbers' pictures?  I once saw Alec Baldwin in one in NYC.

And is it telling us something about our economy and the world when the Pawn Shop window is full of carpenters' tools?

Celebrations go on, nonetheless, and 30% off is definitely something to celebrate.

Beauty doesn't cost so much, considering the pleasure it brings.

Here at Lolo's, every day must be a party.

And since it IS San Francisco, the coffees are consumed, alongside the beers

to fuel whatever cyber-project is propelling you.

We're at 22nd St. and Valencia again

and between here and 20th St., bicycle shops in numbers,

South Indian vegetarian restaurants in pairs.

(This one is Dosa - guess what they're serving?)

More colorful San Francisco.

The way you expect it to be.

And here.  I don't know the name of this store, but if someone does, speak up.

A mesmerizing retail locale.  Sort of like visiting your cool, bookish, not-the-una-bomber

uncle at his cabin in the woods.

The one who's kept all the old stuff he's ever owned, plus

welcomed any of anybody else's who's ever wanted to share with him.

He's got all those books you've always meant to read - or read again.

And lots a pretty old girlfriends who stop by in rubber boots with dainties (no, what I really mean are giant monster brownies, and scones bigger than your head) for nibbling..... and.... a glass of wine.

When it's time to leave, he follows you to the door, reciting Poe's "Raven" as you go........

And suddenly "POP" you are back on Valencia St. in the Mission.  And it's time to pick up some pasta and head home.  .............That, my dears, is my Mission in the Mission.  Accomplished.   It went too quick, didn't it?


  1. I LOVE the Mission. The garden/ grave yard at the Cathedral is gorgeous! Thanks for another great cyber vacation!

  2. LOVE those colorful patchwork "couches" outside the cafe. :-)

  3. I've thoroughly enjoyed this very colourful 3 part jaunt through the Mission district... and might just have to bump SF higher up the 'places to visit' list (but the list is so-oo long!). Thanks for the virtual adventure!
    (P.S. Glad to see that you've obviously cracked the blogger/picture upload issue. Hurrah, and keep 'em coming :)

  4. execellent, super your photographies from this week !
    Bravo, best regards

  5. Marvelous Mission shots! I'm full!!

  6. I agree, great virtual adventure! Makes me realize I need to get out more in my own city!

    Great shot of Lolos (sidewalk seating with the umbrella)! We'd never heard of it before a couple of weeks ago when a friend took us for dinner. It was really quite good (except for the coffee, sadly. Go down the street after dinner for that). And the waiters were quite helpful and charming. :)