Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Weekend Everybody!

Well still trying out all the different scenarios.  Thanks all for your very helpful and thoughtful comments.  Will be reviewing all those too:  new blog, take-a-break-and-come-back-pleasantly-surprised, techno-fix options, techno-fix, techno-fix and....... over the weekend.  (Suzanne so nice of you not being a Blogger user, to dig something up for me!  Kisses!)  

Not that I don't have OTHER THINGS TO DO WITH MY LIFE!  (I'm sure you know just what I mean.)

I'll also be considering re-posting for a while.  For today, however, how about CANNIBALIZE-YOUR-OWN-BLOG blog posting?

How is it that Blogger might have room for me to post pictures copied from previous posts but not room for NEW pictures off I-photo.  Duh?!

Of course the good news in all of this is.....OBVIOUSLY the universe is trying to SPEAK TO ME.


1)  That I have failed in the past year's ambition to improve my computer skills through the blogging process.  (Fabulously!!!!!  "Take a computer class", are you JOKING?!)  Thanks guys upstairs, for the reminder!

2)  That maybe it could be good to do more writing (see again last year's goals) and less picture taking, maybe?

3)  That my posts are TOO frigging long!

4)  That someone was trying to do me a favor (belated THX Carol!) about six months ago when she cautioned about my predilection for the biggest format pictures possible right here at P.P. and how much space they consume?  (I was so blithely indifferent THEN).

Yes.  Hmmmph.  Feeling very much like the humbled grasshopper this week.  

But it won't last long!


So it's a foggy a.m. in L.A. today.  Many of you are probably just tucking up in bed.  I do have some great new blog links for you anyway so I will come back with those on Monday.  Don't you wish sometimes that you could just get some tape and a picture and tape it onto your screen and the computer would miraculously absorb it and send it out into the universe?!  Don't laugh.  I think it could happen!  But can I wait that long?  (Because let's face it, computers are advancing but us "just folks" - not so much!)

And while we're inventing inventions, could some bright mind also come up with a groovy kind of staple gun with invisible staples so that all of us (sitting in cars in L.A. pressing our faces into the rearview mirror while we desperately coax the skin around our lips and eyes up-up-up with widely splayed fingers) could have a quick, convenient DIY moment of the personal improvement kind in the privacy of our own bathrooms?????  And leave goofy Doctors and insurance companies out of it altogether?



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