Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Corner View - Nature

I brought her home because the other guy needed company.

I brought her home because of her star qualities.

I brought her home because she made me laugh.

But have you seen these paws????  From the front they are so subtly striped and shaded like a little wild foraging beast's. 

On the inside, they are a Princesses deepest, blackest, most mysterious velour.  Black silk velvet.

  She is a beautiful girl.  A little bit all over.

 But I brought her home because of those paws.  They are soooooo NATURE MADE.  And I adore them!


  1. Such beautiful, subtly striped, soft 'n furry kitty limbs! Just what I needed before starting the work day - thanks ^-^

  2. She is a cutie! I am glad she found the perfect place to call home. xo

  3. Yep, nature made... animals are true perfection. I am so glad you brought her home, xo.

  4. I adore cats too, but unfortunately my son is allergic to them. She is beautiful.

  5. J'ai une subite envie de ronronner ;) C'est normal ? Sans doute, après avoir regardé ces images de douceur.

    Pour le plaisir, je remets ce lien

  6. She's so regal, sitting there in the last frame. Cat's paws are always so soft, and yet hold a hidden danger. ;>) Beautiful.

    Thanks for stopping by my yard. ~ Conny

  7. Thanks for your comments.
    And I would have bring her home too

  8. Maybe you could take a photo of your lovely cat's eyes now and show us too? Beautiful cat.

  9. Oh dear, she's just divine! Wild creature, with those claws.
    I too want a cat. I do.

  10. So cute and pretty paws! And what a royal look...she seems to be quite aware of her beauty!
    I wish to live with cats for a long time...until this comes true I visit my parents' dog as often as I can. There is nearly nothing that makes you so happy and satisfied (sometimes certainly furious, too, but this is luckily part of my short term memory) than sharing life with animals!

  11. ha ha ha.... i'm loving, rhrhrhhhhhhhhhhhh, those tiger feet (seventies song pops to mind - remember uk MUD?)...
    huge tiger feet though, and grande dame, or is it sir?
    thx for stopping and the encouragement! you're sweet. till later; nadine