Sunday, October 17, 2010

San Francisco: Mission Mission - Part One

So if you don't know the Mission District in San Francisco already,

it is the new "new" neighborhood.   And very much a true San Francisco neighborhood.

 It is a little arty.  Full of the quirky and unexpected.

Color and personality.

Layers of history and culture in surprising combinations.

The slightly macabre.

Nostalgia for battles past.

A little classical sobriety.

Vistas that take your breath away.

Homely corners with a whiff of history and maybe poetry in them.

Glimpses of whimsical nature.

A promise of possibilities and adventure.

Alot of personal style and just a little attitude.

And yummy places to eat.

This is the latest "outpost" of that now famous San Francisco Bakery, Tartine.  Bar Tartine can be found on Valencia, around the corner from the original, on Guerrero St.   I don't think you could go very wrong finding yourself seated at a table at either.  In fact, Tartine might just be some peoples' single compelling reason to go to San Francisco.  And that's saying alot! Check out the link, you will want to jump right into the computer and grab some of that bread!  Then you'll rush out and buy an airplane ticket!

Later this week.....Part Two:  Mission and Valencia Streets, Color.  Part Three:  Mission and Valencia Streets, Window Shopping.


  1. ok so this is the best tour yet, love the captions and the visuals. My kind of city. The picture of the Bell Jar storefront gets my vote from best picture of the year. I really did feel like I was there! Thanks for the comments and the compliments. The gentlemen was actually polishing his silver, when I arrived, very Somerset Maughn(spelling?) YOU GET THE PICTURE

  2. very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tartine ... wanna go now. Take a plane up and I'll meet you there :^)

  4. Well...I did the tour the wrong way round MP...part II first and then this...but is all good and all so very tempting...
    Just love it... asking myself when can I go!